FAQ - frequently asked questions


1. How thik is ecopell-nappa leather?

Between 1,1 - 1,6 mm, depending on the section of the cattle. Unfortunately it is not possible to say upfront how thick the piece will be that you will receive.

2. What is DIN-A-format? Why to the pre-cuts not match that format exactly?

DIN-A-format is a norm that is applied to paper in some countries:

DIN-format mm inches
A0 841 x 1189  33.1 x 46.8 
A1 594 x 841  23.4 x 33.1 
A2 420 x 594  16.5 x 23.4 
A3 297 x 420  11.7 x 16.5 
A4 210 x 297  8.3 x 11.7 
A5 148 x 210  5.8 x 8.3 
A6 105 x 148  4.1 x 5.8 
A7 74 x 105  2.9 x 4.1 
A8 52 x 74  2.05 x 2.9 
A9 37 x 52 1.46 x 2.05 
A10 26 x 37  1.02 x 1.46

Because the skin of cattle is not squared it is not possible to cut exactly this format. The skin does not come out of a machine because it is natural - not artificial.

The pieces being sold correpond to the area of the A-x-format. The lengths of both sides may vary.  The DIN-A*-format has been choosen because it is the easiest way to have quickly an idea about the proximate size of the leather that you purchase.

3. What can I do if I need a piece quite close to the DIN-A-format?

Plesae leave a message during the order process. We will give our best to send you a corresponding piece of leather.

4. Is it possible to buy other sizes than those that I can find in the shop?

Yes, please contact us via the contact form or by mail: kontakt@kuhhandel.net

5. What is bottom-quality?

This is ecopell-leather with so many marks that it has been selected to this quality and is being sold for a lower price. The backside of the velour-side can nevertheless be used, for example for the bottom of shoes.

6. Why are some colours more expensive than others?

This is due to the fact that some colours belong to the "medium" assortment of Ecopell. This is leather with less natural marks than the "Basic-assortment".

7. Could I get discount if I have my own business in which I work with your products?

You can get 3% discount. Please send us your business-registration and we will unlock your customer-ID for the discount.

8. What do I have to pay for shipping?

Our shop calculates shipping-costs automatically depending on the size and number of products in your basket and the shipping-destination.

World-wide-shipping: Either 7,5 Euro/13,9 Euro/15,9 Euro, depending on value, weight and destination.

In case of further questions you can contact us via our contact-form or by mail: kontakt@kuhhandel.net.

We will try to answer as soon as possible.